Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Baseball Season

We had a great baseball season!

It was Rylan’s first time playing t-ball and he was good out there. His league doesn’t keep scores but had they I think his team would have been one of the top ones.  He played for the Yankees and chose the number for Jeeter. His Uncle Nathan was proud!


No surprise, he was one of the biggest kids out there and looked like a natural.


One of his best positions was first base, and he did well as pitcher. He has a pretty sharp throw.


Mommy and her Yankee :)


Sean coached Colton’s team so he chose the Padres.


They had a fantastic year.  If not for a strike of lightening, his team would have gotten First Place--instead they got second. Sean had a great coaching team and they enjoyed the whole season. Colton improved his batting and catching at first base greatly!



I love being a baseball mom and watching all my boys out there on the field. I love to put on my team mom hat and shirt and cheer them on.  I’m so happy I married an awesome, athletic husband who teaches and coaches our boys and plays with them so well. They listen, respect and admire their Daddy and want to do right by him. It warms my heart that we are a little baseball family and enjoy spending time together for America’s favorite past-time :)


Thank you to all the family members who have taken the time, and the extra drive to come watch the boys’ games. Your support and cheering means so much to us :)

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Melody's Voice said...

I look forward to having these times with Hudson and Nathan!

Debbie Blair said...

Great post and pictures. Families are alot of work but they are worth it!

Heather said...

I love seeing little boys in baseball uniforms. Ryland looks so proud to be out there doing his part for his team.

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