Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Ghost who lost his Boo {a poem}

At the end of the year, Colton’s second grade class had a “Poetry Café” for the other younger grades to come visit. The children stood at their desks like statues with their heads down and hand out with a sticker on it like a button.  You could go around and push the sticker button and the “statue” would come to life and recite you a poem. Dressing up for the part was optional. He of course chose to dress up. Colton’s poem was about a ghost who is forlorn because he lost his boo. (Hence the white sheet).  His poem (not written by him)  was three stanzas long and he memorized the whole thing.  He said that he was the most popular “statue” in class and kids were lined up to push his button and hear the poem.





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Heather said...

"100 spooks reward". How cleaver. He did a great job memorizing his poem.

Debbie Blair said...

Colton is so imaginative. I'll have to ask him to recite the poem. You will always have a fun life with him around.

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