Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

As always for my two oldest boys, emotions ran high during the Connelly Easter Egg Hunt 2012.  My boys have a tendency to take things seriously (and slightly competitive…hmm, wonder why?) They were nipping at the bit to be let out and claim their eggs. It was an intense start as they scurried around the land to find their 14 eggs. Seriously, you’d think it was Hunger Games out there. And, there may have been a few moments of tears (Rylan). But overall, we had a wonderful time!


They tackled all terrain, even the bouncy sort.


Look at that face as he scopes the area.


“I gotta go and get eggs!”



Brayden was having a dandy time! It helps when Daddy (aka the egg hider) tells you were all the good ones are ;)



There was trading and bargains being made.


And some thieving.


Colton finally relaxed and posed.


So handsome. Brayden’s basket was full of candy; when we got home that night, it was empty…and in his belly.


The hunting crew.




Happy Easter!

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Heather said...

How fun! Our house is much less crazy, but we only have three kids looking for eggs, but I remember as a kid how frantic we would all be as we searched for the eggs...thinking that we wouldn't find them all or something.

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