Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our belated Valentine’s

On the actual Valentine’s Day I got a dozen hot pink/red roses….he knows my heart. But last night was the date! We shipped the boys to Grandma’s house to spend the night and we had fun ;)

Here was our date night from my phone’s perspective…


How cute are we? We matched! But not on purpose, I promise. Husband would not allow that sort of “nonsense” to be intentional. We are just totally in-sync, or something. We matched all the time when we were dating, also unintentionally of course. It was one of those signs I decided that means we are the perfect match for each other.


We had dinner at one of our favorites: Cheesecake Factory. We had way too much bread and butter, and only had enough room in our tummies to eat half our entrée’s (lunch next day!). 


Husband was full, and satisfied.


Afterwards, we strolled through the Southlake Town Center. I did some shopping. Husband broke up a girl fight. You just can’t take me anywhere.

Just Kidding.

I wasn’t in the fight. It was some teenage girls. They were going at it something fierce. My initial response was, “Ahhhsome, girl fight! I haven’t seen one of those since on the quad senior year in high school.”

My husband’s initial response, “I’m going to have to go break that up.” So he did. So chivalrous. 

Afterwards he said, “That’s the difference between twenty years. High school me would have gone over and started doing jumping jacks around them, cheering it on.” I laughed, and then thought, hmm? I guess I have a little high school me inside, but that’s no surprise.

Then we went home and watched Moneyball. And when I say we, I mean he; I fell asleep on the bed. That movie is boring, and not even Brad Pitt could keep me awake! But then again, I barely know who a designed pitcher is, or wait, maybe it’s designated hitter. Just kidding. But barely.

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Melody's Voice said...

Looks like a fun romantic night :)

ps. I hate the word code I have to type in to leave a comment.

Heather said...

Sounds like your Valentines day was a lot like ours (except for the girl fight thing).

Heather said...
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