Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long story short





Long story short…

I had to get my LASIK eye surgery re-done and my eight week check-up was today. The doctor’s office is not close to home, so I decided to make use of a long drive by checking out a store I was curious to see that is in the same area, and also let little man stretch his leggies.

Some of you may be familiar with Kendi from Kendi Everyday.  In September 2011, Kendi opened a retail storefront called Bloom. Well, that’s where we visited today. It is nestled in the quaint, town center of McKinney. The store is lovely, as is Kendi.  Anyone who takes pity on a mother trying to shop with an almost three-year-old and is gracious to her, and said munchkin, despite the fact that he must try on every cuff bracelet and fashion ring in the store, earns major brownie points in my book.  I ended up buying one of the cuff bracelets…it is super cool (see above.)

Afterwards we explored some of the town square and had fun with taking random pictures. Little man loves posing and then seeing it immediately after, “Let me see!” he says. The first picture above his my favorite—him in the background just doing his thing—which usually involves him not listening to me and seeing just how far he can stretch the boundaries of distance from me. That boy.

 IMG_0720 fun (find me on it at “amberslittlewonders” to follow)

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Melody's Voice said...

That's so funny I thought the same thing about him in that first picture. He is just your little buddy these days while the boys are at school huh?

Melody's Voice said...

Oh and thanks for getting rid of the security word thingy. So annoying.

S❥r❥h said...

You went to Kendi's store? That is so cool I am jealous, I love her bog :]
I also am in love with your quote at the bottom! So good! Your newest follower <3 Sarah

Follow back? ;]

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