Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Cali/Maui Trip Begins

We have been counting down, and preparing (me mostly for constant bathing suit wearing) all year for our trip to Maui.  Now it is here! We are loving every minute of it.  But first, we started our trip with a long layover, like three days long, in California. We visited old friends and family, and cruised our childhood town, eating memory favorites.



(Got their LA Dodger shirts on and ready to say goodbye to Texas…hello California. Ignore weird pop up head behind them.)



Brayden was SO excited for the plane flight.  Before we even took off he kept asking, “Done?” like five times.



Considering he is two and this is his second flight ever, our B-Bop did well. The first hour and a half he traded off between opening and closing the window and crying over another piece of gum. The last hour and a half he FINALLY fell asleep.




One of the highlights of our short stay in California, was being able to spend an afternoon with my long time dear friend from college, Brenna.  We are seriously kindred spirits; we may look like total opposites but we are two peas in a pod. My first time to Hawaii was on a trip with her to Oahu.  We share the same birthday so we decided to spend it together laying out on Sunset Beach, Oahu.  I was 25, she was 22—we were both single and dreamed about our make believe future lives. Now, ten years later, we both have super husbands, three kids (hers all girls, mine all boys), and still make each other laugh to tears.


Originally we didn’t think we’d be able to get all the kids together because her oldest just started school this week.  But, due to power outages all over Southern California school, was cancelled.  What lengths the universe will go to so we could hang out together ;)



My boys are just a few months older then her girls.  Who says arranged marriages are a thing of the past, or for other cultures?


They enjoyed their dates ;)



After a relaxing three days in California, we met up with the rest of the Connelly crew bright and early at the LAX airport.  All 16 of us!  When just our family of 5 came to the ticket counter, she asked, “Last name?” We told her Connelly. She typed, then said, “Wow, there are a lot of you. I think you take up the whole plane!”


The boys have so much fun with their cousins.  They almost always get along too.  Rylan and Cooper instantly bonded.


It was a long five and a half our flight to Maui, but we survived thanks to Nintendo DS, pretzel M&M’s, Gum, and lots of musical chairs.  Oh, and a in-flight movie for mommy—two of them actually.  Bonus…mommy didn’t puke on any of the flights.  Stepping off that plane into paradise was heavenly.  Even the 30 minute wait for our bags and rental minivans (three of them!) was manageable when you are doing it in tropical perfection.

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