Friday, September 16, 2011

Maui Day Two {2011}

So this was the view from my window. Yes, that’s a rainbow over the mountains. This is what we woke up to on my first morning.  It was awesome to be on Texas time because I was awake even before the sun rose, and started my morning at 7 am with a run. I did this almost every morning and it felt so good.  I told myself that when I return to real life Texas that I would continue doing it, but that did not happen.  By 9 am we had breakfast, suits on and ready to spend the day on the beach. Simple and exactly the way I like to vacay!
We snagged a cabana on the beach and this was our view (and those are my toes) from our lounges for the remainder of the day. It was perfect for my mother in law Chris because she needs to stay out of the sun and for all the babies!
Day one at the beach had lots of learning to boogie board.
And lots of sand digging.
How cool is Trev to dig in the sand with his mom Kristin? So cool! He loves his momma ;)
Cooper was recovering from surgery so he enjoyed his time in the sand and in the pool. He was our king of the sand castle ;)
And then there was more waiting for waves. Such is the surfers life. It’s a hard one ;)
Then it was tubing time. That was a huge hit. Trev and Abbey especially enjoyed them.
Guys? Anyone?
Here it comes…
And stuck again.
Look at those arms!
Team effort.
This may have been a rescue attempt by Trev.
Smiley faces. Gorgeous water. Perfect skies = Happy Cooper and Dustin.
Happy Amber.
Happy wet Sean :)
And happy fishies…I mean, Troy, Colton, Aubrey, Trevor, and Abbey.
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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Great pictures. Sounds like the perfect vacation.

Heather said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Heather said...

I had to delete my earlier comment because I didn't proof read and I totally misspelled something. What I said was...
I might be a little bit jealous...or a lot jealous. What a great trip. It looks like a perfect vacation.

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