Saturday, September 17, 2011

Maui Day Three {2011}

Day three was our first snorkel day. So we caravanned to a local snorkel hot spot. To be out driving was awesome because we enjoyed seeing the island and more of it’s beautiful landscape and vegetation.
We snorkeled down there.
Sean is part fish so he LOVES to snorkel. I am more of a land animal. But I kicked out there for 30 minutes, peeked under a few times, then got weirded out, and kicked back to shore for 30 minutes. I think Sean rendezvoused with The Little Mermaid and took her out on a date under water because he disappeared for a long time.
On the way to the water we got to trek through this jungle. It was dark, creepy, and so cool.
There were even some Jungle monsters.
Speaking of Jungle monsters….
I was walking with Stacy and we were lugging quite a bit of gear and little kiddos with us and snacks and towels and everything, when out of the trees jumps Dustin. Completely terrifying us! He was so happy with himself. I may have peed myself and ruptured a vocal chord. It was not my favorite. I don’t think it was Stacy’s favorite either. I think it was Dustin’s favorite.
Rylan may have been paranoid about lurking monsters as well. Or maybe I was the only one, but maybe Rylan too ;)
And what would be a jungle adventure/walk without some serious vine swinging? Stacy was clearly impressed, as was Mady.
Someone following me?
Mom, want to see me jump off this branch?
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Heather said...

Beautiful! What a cool jungle. These are great memories that you and your family are creating.

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