Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He’s a Second Grader


Colton set off to conquer the world today, this time starting with Second Grade.  He woke up on his own at 6:45, put on the shirt he hung out and shoes with socks that he set under it.  The shorts were being washed by Mommy the night before. I actually stayed up late to finish the load. (I am so awesome at laundry).  However, when he came in my bathroom to do his hair, by himself, I noticed that different shorts were on him.  “Why aren’t you wearing the black shorts?” I asked.  “I didn’t see them,” he replied.  “I laid them folded up right outside your door,” I said. “I didn’t see them,” he repeated.  “I laid them right out side your door, on the ground, folded up, waiting for you to wear today,” I explained. “Well, is it okay if I wear these? What, do they not match?” he asked. (They were a light khaki.) “Yea, they match ok. The black ones look better. Plus, I stayed up really late last night to finish washing them so you could wear them.” (I was up until 11:00 pm.)  The conversation then ended as I proceeded to help him with the exactness of his part.  Then he was off to get himself some breakfast.  I busied getting brothers ready for our family trek up to the school to see big brother into his class for the first day. 


But before we had to take the traditional poses.



We are so proud of our sweet boy who continues to grow up, despite our asking him to just stay our little colt, at least he is getting more and more awesome!


He settled right into his desk that he had picked out during “Meet the Teacher”. (A back of the classroom kinda kid, just like his Mommy, but still the top in his class.)


I remember loving the start of a new school year and seeing all my supplies. He enjoys it too :)



We said our goodbyes, and shared a quick, private prayer at his desk before we headed back home.

Where we (red and blondie) resumed their usual morning positions….



It wasn’t until I walked through the house picking up from the morning bustle, that I noticed a pair of light khaki shorts laying on the floor in Colton’s room.  He had switched shorts! I guess my guilt trip worked. He is such a sweet, loving boy. My days are not quite the same without him around helping me and sharing his kindness with me. It’s up to the two thumb suckers :)

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Heather said...

O my gosh!! He is soooo cute!!

Heather said...

Wow! Brayden is so blonde. He is so adorable. Give them both big hugs for me!

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