Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mice, Scrabble, Bats, Ghosts and other random things.


This is not a log cabin fireside story, it’s about something I read on today. (But a campfire sure does sound fun though!)

“Banishing Life's Little Annoyances

Quite interesting.

If only they could give suggestions about dealing with a two year old who refuses to eat ANYTHING, but will drink endless amounts of chocolate milk.

The one about bad scrabble letters was very helpful especially since I’ve just become addicted to the app “Words with Friends”.

Then I stumbled upon this, “How to get rid of uninvited guests who've decided to make themselves at home.” Not that this is a problem in our home, but still good general information to know.

The creepiest one is probably the one concerning “a mouse in your house” issue. Um. Ew. According the the movie “Paranormal Activity”—which I DID NOT see nor WILL EVER see, but unfortunately heard a friend describing—the same action will work for ghosts.

The one about the bat brings to mind a classic “Great Outdoors” quote in my family: “It’s about a ten pounder!”

I miss camping with my family and going up to the lake house in the summer. Where a bat was in my room one time. After I ran around frantically screaming like a thirteen year old girl—which I was—my sister and I (pictured above) got our wits about us and figured out to simply open our balcony door. Mister Scary Bat was gone soon after. So funny to look back and remember now, “Heather, a bird just flew over my pillow.” “Amber, that is not a bird. It’s a BAT!!”

Good Times.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Heather and I read this together. How about your story of the unwanted Toad.

Heather said...

I just barely remember this...I remember you saying that a bird just flew over your pillow. I just cant remember where we were at the time.

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