Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Like many great weekend mornings, ours started in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. But this morning was special because it was Easter morning.

2011-04-24 001 2011-04-24 001

And somewhere three specially hidden Chocolate Bunnies awaited their discovery.

Easter 001

Brayden’s was the lowest, hidden beside the TV because his favorite thing to do is watch “show”.

Rylan’s was the next highest up, hidden on the bookshelf behind a framed picture of the Millennium Falcon (property of Daddy) because he loves Star Wars.

Colton’s was the highest up, hidden on the window shelf above our front door because he’s our big man, and wants to be able to jump really high.

When I saw where Sean hid Colton’s, I asked him if it will be puzzling to the boys that it is so high considering that the Easter Bunny is in fact a bunny and the “probability” of it being able to reach anything that high is, well, impossible.

Sean told me not to worry about it because they had already discussed it earlier that day. He informed me that Colton has determined that the Easter Bunny is unique. That he is actually quite tall, maybe as tall as daddy, and has very strong hind legs that it mostly just walks around on. So, in my imagination Colton’s version of the Easter Bunny is more like a Easter Kangaroo.  When you have a smart, inquisitive, analytically boy like Colton, you need to be prepared to answer questions like this.

Easter 002

After church we dyed the eggs. This was ALL Sean’s initiative. He was super dad yesterday while I was helping at Youth Conference.  He took all the boys to Walmart to buy two dozen eggs, and all the egg decorating supplies. He even remembered to buy two gallons of milk that I had forgotten to get at the store.

Sometime during the egg decorating process I left to go take a nap. When I woke up, I found this egg laying on the pillow next to me.


“I {heart} Amber” is what Sean wrote, and even decorated it with stickers :) It reminded me of the very first Christmas ornament he made me even before we started dating. So sweet.

Easter 003

Colton loved the Easter bonnet I got him.

Easter 004

At cousins, the gang geared up for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter 012

Easter 013

They each got 24 eggs.

Easter 009

Brayden was okay with just a few. He had to open each egg and begin eating the candy so that slowed him down.

Easter 006

Many an egg was past up as he slowly unwrapped each chocolate piece.

Easter 007

I had to take the candy away from him to get him to look up at me.

Easter 008

He was quite concerned I was stealing his chocolate treasure. I gave it back.

Easter 015

We had to check to make sure we found the correct amount.

Easter 016

When Rylan “counted” he had 24. By my count it was 21. It was close enough.

Easter 017

A very pleasant Easter day with family.

Easter 021

Easter 025

Easter 018

Happy Easter from our family to yours.

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Lap of Luxury said...

Looks like a lovely Easter, and that egg was so sweet! I love your little brown, red and blonde haired boys!

Stacy said...

So much fun! Wish I could have been there! I love your family cute.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

very cute!

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