Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Title Dilemma

Easter 007

I’m reaching out to you.

I need your input!

I am getting tired of my blog title “Be Sassy Classy”.

I have mixed emotions and thoughts about it.

Some of my posts are related to the “sassy classy” theme. But then some are not. Some are totally not.  I just want to blog whatever I’m feeling/dealing/thinking about but I feel that I may be hypocritical or confusing to you readers. 

What should I do?

If I do change my title, do you have any suggestions.


Does the title not really matter?

Be Honest.

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Kimberly said...

"The Importance of Being Amber"

"Amber's Blog"
"Golb S Rebma"

"Boys, Bangles, and Blogging"

BUT- I don't think it matters. I think it is fine.

Chris and Jenni said...

How about Authentically Amber?

Jessica said...

Actually I love the title as is. I think it truly represents the mommy life -- we want to be sassy & classy every day, but some days it just doesn't happen. ;)
Love your blog!

Dina said...

I love your title!! It doesn't matter if it doesn't go with your original idea of what sassy classy meant. Everyday you can be sassy classy even if it's doing 15 loads of laudry :)

But if you aren't feeling it, I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing!!

Julie said...

I don't really think the title matters...I keep coming back for the content.

Jamie said...

I only just stumbled upon your blog, and this is the first I've read, so my input might not mean much to you. But my opinion is that your title should reflect YOU and what you love, since it's your blog. So if you're not happy with it, change it.

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