Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some wildlife to tame your animals, er, kids

This tamed entertained my boys for a good while after dinner tonight. They love animals and nature.

Link here: U-Zoo on MSN


{Here is it’s website}

Thought I’d pass it along in case those hours after dinner, but before bath and bedtime are as hectic/crazy/loud/stressful in your house as they are in mine. (And there are no good cartoons on at that time..what’s up with that?!)

At this very moment, my  6 y/o is riding around on my 4 y/o as if he’s a horse, saying “Yaw! Yaw! Ride me out of town as fast as you can!” Using one of my necklaces as the reins. (oh good) Wait, “horsey” got tired and is sucking his thumb. Okay, he’s up again. I’m going to catch a snapshot…




Yea, I’m on the countdown. Only two more hours. Tick, Tock….

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Melody's Voice said...

I love Rylan's little crack...hehe...boys, boys, boys...

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