Sunday, February 6, 2011

We want to play in the snow!


Oh, they’re smiling now for this picture, but let me play out the next five minutes.


30 seconds later….

Brayden fell straight back on his back. In fact, I think he is just starting to fall as I’m taking the picture.

2 minutes later….

Colton stepped out from the curb, and despite my warning “Step on a dry spot! Step on a dry spot!”, he stepped on wet, frozen ice, slipped, went airborne and landed flat on his tush. Then cried for the next minute. Then started laughing.

4 minutes later…

Rylan started crying because he was just so cold.

5 minutes later….

We were done and turned around and walked back home. Making sure to “Step on a dry spot! Step on a dry Spot!” as we crossed the street.


No kidding though, the temperature was 15 degrees with winds at like 40 mph, or some kind of fast mile per hour rate. It was brutal!

As we were walking home, I said to the boys, “Can you believe I used to walk home from school in weather like this up at BYU?”

Colton responded, “I’m going to ASU like Daddy. It’s warm there.”

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Serenity said...

haha that is funny. yep-I was riding my bike in 0 degrees here at BYU, but enduring the cold makes they sunshine all the more appreciated.

Heather said...

We've had a very cold and snowy winter here in Ohio. I can't wait until it starts to warm up.

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