Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pink Lizard Lace

lizard lace 041

Hi. In case you forgot because it’s been a while, it’s me! Super duper close up. Freckles, covered up zit, crooked tooth and all.

I want to show you how these hot pink flowers in our room match my outfit.

Wait for it…


lizard lace 009

Tada! Pink Lizard Lace Tights! My six year old named them.

When I put these in the cart to buy them at Target my four year old was perplexed and sweetly concerned for me (I think). “Mommy,” he said. “You will look like a clown in those.”

Then when I put them on for this outfit, I asked my six year old, “Do you think I look like a clown in these?”

“Oh no Mommy,” he assured me. “You don’t look like a clown.”

That made me feel better…for about two seconds until he said. “You look like a pink lizard.” (great.)

So here’s the Pink Lizard Lace Outfit.

day nine outfit

lizard lace 006lizard lace 051

This belt was a gift. I tried to take it back because I couldn’t imagine what I could wear with it (like four years ago). I’m finally wearing it for the first time. So, lesson learned: keep things around—ya never know.

lizard lace 015

Since my tight were so subtle I thought I’d bring the pink touch into my outfit with these accessories.

lizard lace 022

Aside from the belt, this outfit is an example of when I purchase pieces that I love or am drawn to for some reason or another—be it the color, texture, print—I find that they come together to create looks that surprise me and I end up really liking—and it wasn’t even planned.

lizard lace 049Also not planned (but should be expected), snot and tears on my skirt. Photo session over. My boss was ready for some mommy time.

Outfit Particulars: Boots, Old Navy; Tights, Target; Skirt, Target; Camisole,; Cardigan,; Belt, gifted; Bracelets, gift from Hawaii'; Earrings, JC Penny.

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{See Melody’s #9}

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Kimberly said...

looks good together!
nothing I buy individually ever seems to go together with anything. (except basic metal colored earrings)

I love lizards!

Thessa said...

Cute with the lace peeking out of your cardigan! Also love how you put your bracelets over your sleeves -- neat idea.

Melody's Voice said...

Love it! I love all the colors of this outfit. They all tie together so perectly! And the tights totally work!

ps. you look super skinny

Danett said...

I love kids... they are so honest! Mine always tells me how big my butt is... LOL! I love the sweater. I totally bought it b/c of your Christmas post! I can't wear it as good as you though!

The Casual Classic said...

Oh kids, you gotta love their thought processes!

Love your boots!


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