Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is black and blue…

and has a blog that is read all over?



(Yes, I am aware that I should have used ‘who’ instead, but that’s not how the joke goes.)

Do you like my little modeling companion?

He loves to stand for the camera. And he also has a hard time keeping both socks on. And his favorite toy these days is his Thomas and Friends remote control train.


This is one of my favorite outfits on him. But pretty much anything on this kiddo is adorable.

003Now, about my outfit.

I call this the “Jack & Jill” sweater. I bought it years ago (in my early twenties) and I’m reluctantly realizing that I might need to retire it. But I loved this sweater. I was so excited when I found it all those years ago.  Here’s the story (cause I usually always have one).

Shortly after I graduated college, moved back to L.A. and was trying to define the new chapter in my life of career and singleness, I fell in love with a t.v. show called “Jack & Jill”. It was on the WB. Anyone watch it?

It was about a newly graduated Journalist who foregoes an assumed marriage and moves to N.Y. to find a career and herself.  She moves in with an old high school friend who is a dancer, and on her first day she meets this tall, dark, and handsome guy who lives in her building. It is pretty much love at first sight, BUT he has a girlfriend and she just broke an engagement SO it’s complicated. It was great.  She (Amanda Peet) was so pretty and wore the cutest clothes. I became a little obsessed (what? me obsessed? that never happens!) and I copycatted a lot of her outfits. She wore a blue sweater like this one time with a black pleated skirt. So, I had to go out and buy a sweater just like for myself. I can think of about two other pieces in my closet that were bought because of that show.

I figured I didn’t have a tall, dark, handsome love interest (Ivan Sergei) to come riding up in a horse drawn carriage with the snow lightly falling around us as Sarah McLaughlin sang in the background, but I could sure as heck have that sweater!

One time I was on the set of the show (yea, they didn’t really film in N.Y) and I just about hyperventilated when I made eye contact with Ivan Sergei for about 1.2 seconds. I was also totally disappointed when I saw Amanda Peet smoking a cig—probably how she stayed so dang skinny.


I’ve looked to see if I could get the show on Netflix. I can’t :( 


particulars: Boots, Alloy; DKNY Jeans, Costco; Lace tank, Downeast Basics; Sweater, Macy’s; Earrings, bridesmaid gift.

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Kimberly said...

what a cute little, budding model!

cute outfit (on you, too)! The name of the show sounds familiar, but I never saw it.

famr_4evr said...

so cute. And what a great little guy.

Kiera said...

Your boys are so cute! I used your print out for class today. Thanks!

The Wade Family said...

Hi! I just found your blog- although I'm still not sure how I did. I must have been led here! Seriously! Your blog is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I love it. Especially fashion and hair tips- because I admit- I'm terrible. But all the other tips as well- church stuff, recipes, etc, etc, etc. i love it all. I am now an AVID follower. I know your life with 3 boys is busy but thank you SO much for taking the time to do this!!!

Melody's Voice said...

You so loved that show! I remember. I remember you had a pink thin knit sweater like one she wore on the show too.

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