Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Love Story continued...


Red is for Love.  I wore a red sweater on my first date with my husband. It was fate. Now, each year—the first Saturday of the year—we celebrate our first date, and I always wear something red.

A good neck-tie can get a guy far....

After I had returned back from my family's Christmas/New Year's Holiday retreat up in Big Bear, California, I once again crossed paths with my future husband in the halls at church. (I hadn't seen him since the night of the ornament and chocolate.) It was the first Sunday of the year 2002. On this day, he was wearing the typical white shirt, dark slacks, but had a cool, sky-blue tie on. (I later learned it was a "Tommy Tie" meaning Tommy Hilfiger--the only kind of ties he wore). So there walking by him in the hall, and as one who didn't really think twice about complimenting something I like, I said to him, "I like your tie." He smiled and replied, "Thanks. So, when are we going to go out?" I was a little taken aback, but quick on the draw; I returned with a coy smile, "I guess when you call me and ask me out on a date," and then continued on my way down the hall. Three days later he called to ask me out for a date on Saturday.

I remember getting ready for the date and my married sister Heather, with her husband and baby boy, were over at my parents' house for dinner. Heather was sitting on my four poster bed as I got dressed asking me about this guy I was going on a date with. I briefly described him and said, "He is a really good guy." (And at that point in my life, that was exactly what I needed....a good guy.) I think Heather even said something to that effect. I took extra effort to look super sexy because it’s just fun to make them suffer ; ) I wore a red sweater from my sister’s closet, khaki Gap trousers, and crazy patterned socks hidden by black boots. 

When he came to pick me up, I invited him in to meet the family. Poor guy probably had no idea what that meant. Seven people were seated around the dining room table as he walked in. My dad was seated at the far head of the table, so he walked around the table, passed all 14 scrutinizing eyes, to shake my father's hand. I introduced him to everyone, and when I felt I had tested him with enough torture in front of the firing squad we left for the date. (Of course he did great. My parents were impressed, and my young sisters thought he was so cute. Heather and her husband were just glad I was going out with a good guy.)

It was a good first date as first dates go. Pretty much my hopes for a first date were a few simple things: I feel safe and comfortable, we talk easily, he makes me smile...or even better, laugh, and he doesn't make me pay. He fulfilled all requirements. Plus he was dressed snazzy so that was BONUS! (Goodness how that man can fill out a sweater). We doubled with his sister Stacy and her boyfriend (now they are married.) I totally remember like every detail from the date, but I won't bore any readers with all of them.

To sum it up: We had dinner at B.J.'s, we shared a pizookie—he’s left handed so he had to put his right arm over my seat to get close enough to eat the dessert—and afterwards went back to my house to watch "Legally Blonde" (he wanted to see me in it). I took my boots off to get comfortable and he saw the socks—he likes to joke that they were almost deal breakers for him, but I know better ; ) Overall, it was easy, comfortable and fun, but I wasn't too sure if there'd be a second date. Two days later I got my answer.

At FHE on Monday, he played it cool all night, but the "games were on". I flirted with every guy in his eye line and made sure to not linger too long anywhere near him—just out of his reach was how kept it. Finally, he pulled me aside and asked if he could have a date with me that weekend. I said, "Sure, but it's got to be Saturday because someone else has already got Friday." (I know I sound like a total brat, but that's just how I played, it was a defensive mechanism).  My Friday date was pleasant, nice guy, but I knew it was a no-go for me almost even before it started. I kept thinking, I just wish it was Saturday instead of Friday. Well, that was the last date I ever went on with another guy.

photo particulars: Coat by Calvin Klein, Costco; Jeans by Calvin Klein, Costco; Brown pin-striped shirt, Old Navy; Red belt, New York & Company; Animal print peep-toe pumps by Guess, T.J. Max; Gold charm necklace, Wet Seal.
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Melody's Voice said...

I think I was there in the hallway with you when that whole tie thing went down. You are so witty! I would have been all shy and awkward.

Kimberly said...

I'm feel bad for your poor husband...LOL.

Righteous Republic said...

Sweeeet story! And, I LOVE pizookies. Great, now I really, really want one.

That red belt rocks.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Its fun to hear the story again.

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