Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hair Talk at the Swing Set

At the park today with some of my Mommy Friends we talked Hair. Specifically, the woes of having to pay for pretty hair. My friend (M), who is stunning and doesn’t have to wear any make-up {aarrgg!}, was saying how she is phasing out of her highlighted blonde hair and going with her natural color because it’s just easier. Lucky for her, all things natural on her is lovely, even her roots. Me, not so much.

I was a natural blonde up until I was about 22 and then I got my first highlight, and life has been difficult ever since. Just kidding. But the highlighting bit is crappy. Why does it have to be so DANG expensive??!!

I need to get my roots touched up but I am lazy and stingy. Hair Day is a big production for me. (Can I whine for just a minute?)

A—I have to actually make an appointment and plan ahead.

B—I  need to find a sitter for at least three hours.

C—I need to find a hundred dollar bill lying around and then a twenty for tip, which doesn’t happen to be in my couch cushions unfortunately, nor my wallet!

A year ago I said “to heck with my hair” and I decided to become this girl, after spending $4 on a box and 10 minutes in my bathroom.


My husband pleaded the fifth when he saw it. (See my 5 year old in the background? There’s a mirror on the opposite wall—he’s leading a symphony or something.)

001 (2)“She” was fun for a while. My alter-ego. I should have made up a cool name for her.

March 002

As usual, I gradually got tired of my hair, and began changing it again. First with a haircut. I was trying to go for this look.

Then, I was really debating my hair color, and pressed my husband for his thoughts. His answer to my question was, “Well, I did marry a blonde.”

True. True. I am a natural blonde at heart, if not totally at my roots.

So, the blonde came back.

blondeback 003

I like to also call them my happy streaks. Cause they make me happy : ) I loved this hair style!! At times I am tempted to go back (and I will someday), but I feel like growing it out for a while.

Just I don’t know if I should spend the $$$ to touch up my roots, or just spend that five dollar bill in my wallet right now and go dark for a few months???

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McMemories said...

You are one of the lucky ones that can pull off either!! I think dark makes your eyes pop!!

Melody's Voice said...

I am partial to blonde, but I feel your woes. I definitely vote blonde.

Julie said...

I think your "out of the box" color is pretty. I was natural for a long time, but got tired of the mousey look. My husband prefers the natural color, but I think it is too boring, so I've started highlighting it again. I pay for it with the money I generate designing custom blog designs. That way I don't feel as guilty for doing something he doesn't prefer.

Kimberly said...

(I clicked to vote for your blog)

I should have gotten my hair trimmed 2 months ago. I never ever ever have the time.
I colored my hair the wrong color. I went with a 'teensy bit more red' but it was a LOT more...

I wore a special outfit today. with coordinating headband and earrings even!
(even posted a picture of it on my blog!!)

Nickell said...

It's true, the dark makes your eyes pop big time. But I'm also partial to dark...

Mandy H said...

I say go dark, you look fab with dark hair and then go back to blonde when it is time for warm weather again!

Amber said...

Mandy H-
I am so tempted to do exactly that!

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