Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basketball Season has Begun

2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 002

Here is our basketball player.


2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 005

His vote for the team name of Blue Jays was chosen. One girl wanted to be named Blue Tigers, but Colton said that just doesn’t make sense.  He explained: “There are white tigers, but not blue ones. Blue Jays are real birds, so that makes sense.”


2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 007

This is his first year playing organized basketball so he has a lot to learn. But, he is doing so quickly. He had a few coaching sessions with his older cousin Trevor, and Daddy of course.  He can dribble with both hands and likes to switch back and forth as he takes the ball down the court.


2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 008

His coach has him play at the block mostly because he is the tallest kid on his team. We’ve had two games so far. He’s made some baskets and assisted in some. As always, he is a little hustler, good sport and a team player.


2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 009

I love watching him scurry around the court with his hands up. Such a good Blue Jay : )


2011-01-18 001 2011-01-15 003

Brayden wanted to pose for a shot too. Goodness, I just love this kiddo, even though he squirms and cries almost the whole time because he wants to be out on the court with the “baw”. Notice the team colors. Full on family team spirit for us!!

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I like the title it does make sense. He looks good in light blue and white. Brayden has to be one of the "big boys".

Serenity said...

colton is so big (as in not a baby anymore)! its crazy!

Heather said...

love the sweat band on the wrist - looks very professional. Brayden is so cute wanting to have his picture taken too.

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