Monday, December 13, 2010

A Sunday in San Francisco

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Was I in San Francisco on Sunday, you ask? No, but my skirt once was…and me too when I bought it! For our 5 year anniversary my husband and I went to San Fran.


I was still nursing, so we brought my little red. He pulled off his shoes and socks every where we went.

During our visit, the hotel we stayed in was right in the middle of the Fashion District. So we did lots of shopping (Hubby likes to shop too…I know, so lucky!)

Here is the great thing about buying classic pieces, which I try to do very often. They stay in style through the years.  The pin-striped, high-waist pencil skirt is by Liz Claiborne and I bought it at a Ross right there in the Fashion District…so great. Its pencil shape is a classic style that should be a must in any Sassy Classy’s wardrobe. (I actually have three different black pencil skirts because they are so fabulous.)

The satin shirt is by Mossimo from Target. Again this is a classic piece. Simple, well structured satin tops are a timeless style.  Again, I own like three or four different satin tops (all different colors) because they are great with a pair of jeans, under a cardigan, or with a classy skirt.

Because the pieces were kind of dramatic on their own with the fabric texture and pin striped pattern, I kept the accessorizing simple.  I wore a fashion ring and silver pendant necklace that I got on my cruise. (They are not a matching set, but they look like it, it’s why I decided to wear them together.)

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I save this outfit for a December Sunday because I think it has a holiday flare to it.  So, when I stepped out of the bathroom my husband responded with a “Ooooh, that’s fancy. I haven’t seen that before.” I think it is his disguised way of finding out if I’ve bought something new yet trying to not sound like he’s interrogating me.  I love to respond back with “Nope, I’ve had it for years. I just save it for special holidays.” Then I leave as innocent as newborn babe…and keep my fingers crossed that he doesn’t say the same thing next Sunday when I do wear my new holiday outfit.

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Kimberly said...

He sounds like a smart man if he usually only asks that questions to th outfits you have had for years...

I need a long straight skirt.... but that would mean I have too actually go to a store and shop. So after a little thought I change my mind about needing a long straight skirt.

Kimberly said...

I linked to you in my latest blog- so everyone will know who to blame when I go mad and start shopping of my own free-will.....

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I love doing that to the husband too! And he's all "where did you get that?" and I'm all "Oh, this, I've had this since before we were married!"

Kiera said...

I need to buy stuff like that! You always look so cute!

Lap of Luxury said...

Cute! It is fancy! Love the accessories!

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