Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Gift That…

I am just reveling in the presents I received this Christmas. As it is with each year, we were blessed with an abundance of wonderful gifts. I can tell each one was picked with love. It takes me like three days to put them all away because I like to keep looking at them and remember the merriment of opening them.

Here are some highlights.

2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 003

The gift that surprised me the most! Seven for all Mankind Jeans (from my style savvy husband).


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 004

The gifts that are so totally me. New York & Co chunky flower necklace (from my Mom) and sequins flower headband (from my secret Santa sister-in-law).


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 005

The gift that was on my “Santa” list. Armband for my iTouch (from my other secret Santa sister-in-law).


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 008

The gift that has become tradition. Susan Branch Calendar (from my mom).


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 010

The gifts that were handmade with love. Cloche hat (from my sister) and Santa hand ornament (from my 4-year-old).


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 007

The gift that was most anticipated for me to open. *Precious* ring (from my 6-year-old…he bought it at the school’s gift “store” and I think he truly believes it is real.)


2010-12-27 001 2010-12-27 006

The gift that made me weep. A gift of love card (from my 6-year-old).

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Lap of Luxury said...

Those are all beautiful gifts! I love A pocket 7 Jeans!

Tracy Z. said...

Those gifts are beautiful. I don't blame you for not wanting to put them away. My son also shopped at the school store. He brought me home a pendant and necklace with a purple jewel because he knows purple is my favorite color.

Righteous Republic said...

Welcome to the blog roll! Looks like you hit the Christmas jackpot! Especially with that adorable card. ;)

Cori said...

Such lovely gifts! I certainly love the cloched hat and the NY&CO jewelry, such nice, stylish accessories.

That card from your son is adorable. Kids are just the best.

Heather Lytle said...

ooooh, aaaaah, what wonderful gifts!! Cute necklace!

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