Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Creating Traditions

What makes a tradition?

Specifically a Christmas one?

It could be a sound (Bing Crosby carols)

It could be a smell (cinnamon, chocolate, maple)

It could be place (on top of the staircase Christmas morning)

It could be anything that is a cherished moment that we look forward to year after year. 

I was kinda stressing that we didn’t have our own traditions. I pondered on what were my favorite traditions growing up, and what made them special. I concluded that traditions don’t have to be complicated or dramatic. It’s the doing them year after year that creates the beloved tradition. I’ve decided to start making the simple but fun things we do with the boys our traditions.  So, I’m taking note of what we do this holiday that the boys seem to really respond to.

Even if it is as simple as eating cheddar popcorn while watching “Mickey’s Christmas”.

december 002

It was a gorgeous night so we took a family walk around the neighborhood as we stopped at some friends’ homes for caroling and delivering a plate of Gingersnap cookies. Afterwards we relaxed on the couch.

Disney’s Christmas DVD has become a family tradition. We watch it multiple times over the holiday. My oldest would watch it in July if I’d let him.

The boys LOVE cheddar popcorn (it smells something fierce) but they devour the stuff.

december 006december 007december 009







Daddy loves it too…the popcorn and the cartoon.

december 008

We have also made story time a big part of Christmas traditions because I love books, especially holiday ones, so we have a great selection.

Monday night’s “Family Night” kicked off our Christmas week with reading a story of the birth of baby Jesus.

We’ve been reading from a Disney Collection Christmas book every night before bed time, so tonight ended with that.

Tomorrow is treat making with the boys :)

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Melody's Voice said...

Is that the cheddar popcorn that comes in those tins? It does stink! We watch Mickey's Christmas every year too!

Tracy Z. said...

We love watching Christmas shows! It is so much fun to share the classic shows/cartoons of my childhood with my own son. We also like to make our own Christmas decorations. I keep a drawer full of crafty like things (glue, glitter, stickers, various colorful papers, feathers, etc.). We just made new decorations this year.

Outside of that, I don't think we have any hardcore traditional traditions. We just do what we do.

You have a lovely family! Are you or your husband from Indiana? Indy is my hometown!

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