Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brayden had to serve some time…

2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 014

He entered, unsure of what was in store for him, but knew he had to do it.


2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 015

He took a look around, scoping out the situation, and wondered if he had what it took to tough it out.


2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 018

At first he thought, this ain’t so bad.


2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 017

He figured he would at least get some visitors. Anyone? Hello?



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 023

But as the day wore on and the sun shone strong…



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 019

He started to sing the blues.



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 022

And contemplated what he coulda dun diff’rent.



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 021

Then the fear kicked in and he started to get the crazies locked up in a place like this for so long.



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 020

But he persevered and looked forward to better days and doing things right for now on.



2010-10-29 001 2010-10-29 011

When he was released he had a few pointers to share.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

All the pictures fit the caption perfectly. Cute.

Jackman said...

Too cute Amber!!

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-Margaret D. Nadauld