Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daddy Read to Me

Brayden LOVES books. I always have one in his crib, so he can “read” to himself when he wants to relax as he goes to sleep or when he firsts wakes up. Often he walks around the house with his little book, or he climbs up on the couch, sits back and “reads” to himself—which usually means he just open and closes the book.  When he’s desperate, he will accept a pamphet to read, or even a folded piece of paper.


october 005

Brayden brought this book to Daddy to read. It really is a sticker workbook for Rylan, but Daddy improvised.


october 006

Brayden was content.

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Melody's Voice said...

Look at that cute whittle boy. He likes books like his Mommy!

Aaron Blair said...

Kade is the same way. After I read a book to him at bedtime he has to keep it with, even with me turning off the lights. (He also has to have a car or helicopter and water. But none can be next to him, they all have to been in his arms. After he falls asleep we have to go take them out of his bed. Can't be comfortable to sleep on top of those things.) Then in the morning he also has many book in bed that he is "reading".

Heather Lytle said...

I think Sean could be reading the phone book and Brayden would still be content to be with his daddy - so precious!

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