Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where Home Is


It was 80 degrees out and I sat on my new home’s front porch finding a moment of peace.  It’s interesting how I fear change and the unknown, thinking nothing could be as good as what I know already.  But I take a leap of faith, face the challenge, make the change and discover that it feels just as right after as it did before (if not better) because I still have what truly matters the most—my family.  Home is not an addresss, it’s my husband and my boys--wherever we may be.



Where I can see sweet scenes like this.  A patient daddy riding nice and slow so his son can keep up on his tricycle.


Even letting him race ahead.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I admire how you set out a few short months ago to sell your home. You worked hard to make the house perfect so it will sell. Your hard work payed off. You not only got 1 offer, you got 2 and 1 unofficial one. The Lord blessed your efforts. Now you live in a beautiful new area. When we visited you last sunday I could feel your new house was quickly becoming a home. You're right it doesnt matter where the house is. What makes it a home is the love and people that occupy it.

Melody's Voice said...

What a sweet little post. Sean with Rylan is so cute! What a good daddy.

Lois Brown said...

Miss you guys though!!!

Bren said...

How sad that I have not talked to you in SO long that I didn't even know you moved! What is going on? I am going to call you this week, ovbiously we have a lot to catch up on. Congrats and I miss you!

Guess this means you're really not moving to California :(

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