Friday, August 13, 2010


august 002

It seems like Brayden is always either hungry or thirsty, but he likes to snack and then quickly gets distracted from eating, so it’s hard to keep him focused on eating when he is in his high chair, or get him really full. And, he also finds it amusing to drop his food on the floor from the chair when he is no longer interested in eating which often times is just a minute after I put him in there. So, to save all the hassle of lifting his 35 pounds into the chair, put little bite size pieces on his tray (which usually end up on the floor), and then me having to crawl on my hands and knees to pick them up, I sometimes decide to just pop-a-squat on my kitchen floor and hand feed him as he runs back and forth between bites. Today, when I did this, he was standing so we were at eye level, and he gave me a look like “Mommy, what are you doing you goof?…you are down in my world.” Then he decided to pop-a-squat right next to me. He had to lean against the cabinets just as I was doing. It was so cute. He stayed like this for a few bites, but then was over it, and decided to be on his feet so he could run back and forth between where his brothers were and where I stayed sitting between bites.

He is now almost 17 months, and his little personality is really coming out in all that he does :)

(My three year old, Rylan, took the picture!)

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

I love his little face that looks like he is thinking "Yum."

You look petty too.

p.s. I love the headband :)

Heather Lytle said...

A picnic on the kitchen floor - how fun! We had a picnic on our Living room floor last night for dinner.
Who took the picture?

Stacy said...

I love this pic. The headband looks so cute on you!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

It is fun to see his personality develop . Melody you made the headband, right?

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