Monday, August 2, 2010

On a Sunday Afternoon

ohio 005

With no video games allowed on Sunday, the kids found entertainment by watching silly Mormon videos on you tube and Lytle home videos.



Meanwhile, Joel prepared homemade rolls to accompany the Tortellini Soup he was making for dinner.



Once the kids got stir crazy from being inside, we had them show off their art skills with sidewalk chalk in the front yard.


ohio 006 ohio 008 ohio 009 ohio 010 IMG_1387

Heather helped Joel chop veggies for the soup and I made “Black Bottom Cupcakes”—a childhood favorite of ours.

 ohio 018

When the kids got bored with the front yard, we corralled them to the back yard for some good old fashion games with Grandma, like the “colors game” and “red light-green light”.

ohio 013ohio 011ohio 012

ohio 019

While the soup simmered, the chefs snoozed…

ohio 022

and the kids continued to enjoy Grandma time.

ohio 023ohio 020

Brayden and I just hung out enjoying the quiet house. 

ohio 016

Dinner is ready!

ohio 017  

Just perfect comfort food and so, so good.  Colton ate FIVE bowls!

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Heather Lytle said...

you need to come back so we can do this again!

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