Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cousin’s Backyard Fun Times

The Lytle’s have a nice open yard that backs up to a forest. Everything is so green and pretty.  We got a thrill to watch the Fireflies come out at night.


july 040

Rylan and Emrie getting each other’s digits on the back porch.

july 043

View from Heather’s back door.  Colton made a trip down to the broken tree every day for some adventure and exploration. 

july 050

Unlike Texas the evenings cool down to a pleasant temperature. So the first evening we were there we relaxed outside and chatted.

july 051

july 055

july 042

july 049

july 053

july 051-1

 july 054

july 052

Then Uncle Joel showed us his scouting skills as we watched him build a fire for s’mores.

  july 047

We were very patient and intrigued.

july 048

Joel did very well even though he did use some stinky leaves.


We made perfect toasted marshmallows and yummy s’mores. 



Like his mommy, Colty took the roasting very seriously.


Heather and I love roasting marshies, almost as much as we enjoy eating them.  We figured out a genius idea of double roasting the marshies and then balancing a square of hershies on it for a minute close to the fire and then putting it all melty on the graham cracker.  Love Campfires. It reminds of the good ol’ days when we would camp as kids and share a tent and landscape the front of our tent entrance with stones and local flora, and then we would stay up late playing Barbie's in our tent.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I enjoyed watching the pictures again and reading your comments. It was great fun to travel with you and you darling boys, they are real troopers.

Heather Lytle said...

I'm glad we did smore's even though the fire pit killed my grass. It'll be a reminder of our fun times together.

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