Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the market

june 070

So our home is up for sale. Mixed emotions, but it’s exciting.  If all else fails, I, at least, got my house to exactly how I want it, and I finished all the projects I’ve been procrastinating for the last couple of years.

june 007

I got my kitchen the cleanest it’s ever been.

june 015

Goodbye clutter on the fridge. 

june 039

I rearranged my shelves. A new look is refreshing.

I already posted the photo about my pantry. But I organized all my other closets too.

june 040

The linen closet.

june 045

The study closet.

june 049

My side of the closet.

june 048

The accessory section was lots of work but so wonderful to use now.

Before, all my jewelry was either crammed in my jewelry box or laid on the shelf. Now, thanks to my handy dandy cork board creation everything is on display. Due to my LOVE of all things accessory, I needed multiple sections.

june 058


june 059


june 060


june 056  

but then it got to0 long, and I knew little hands would pull at it, so I made an overflow board.

june 054

But I still had more, so I found this key ring at B,B&B, and converted it to this.

june 052

Then there was the issue of my bracelet fixation (aside from my earring and necklace ones).  This discovery on the same B,B&B trip suited perfectly! I realize I will need another one of these as well as the key ring, and some more cork board…for my future fixation purchases.

Oh, and on the topic of fixations--Look at how nicely my shoes are lined up…

june 065

My Dad built those shelves for me. Notice the gold flip-flops? I just bought them today so they don’t have a spot on the shelf yet—may need to spill more onto Sean’s side, sorry sweetie.

june 063

This was my scarf solution. Wish I thought of this a long time ago.  BTW-scarfs are becoming my new thing.  I have some more that are nicely folded because they are fancier.

Getting the house viewer ready also gave me the opportunity to spruce up, yet simply the rooms in my house. 

 june 018 june 019june 016 june 020

june 027

june 042 june 041

I finally hung the wood plaques my sister painted for me. (They have been leaning on the counter top for 5 years.)

Here are the kids’ bedrooms, that I don’t even try to pretend will stay neat beyond this photo.

june 029 june 030

Then there is the random staging decorating like….

june 035

two pink towels bought solely to sit on top this dryer.


june 034

hanging a scarf and summer tote.

The project  I am most proud of and wishing I did like 2 years ago when I originally thought of it, was putting up a chair rail and wainscoting on my breakfast room wall.

june 010

Just to capture the moment of my home being the cleanest its been in the past year, here’s the rest of it….

 june 001  june 005 june 009 june 026 june 023

The realtor is not too sure how all the wall colors will be received.

june 022

My Raspberry Truffle entry.

june 025

This is Sean’s patriotic study.

june 072

It may have a sign out front, and a weird blue box thing hanging on the front door, but this is still my home, and I love it, and you all are welcome.

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Jamie said...

Looks great Amber! Good luck!

Lois Brown said...

Beautiful Home Amber! I do not wish you luck though, because I don't want you to move!!!! But Really I hope all goes well!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Well, it looks just lovely! I hope the sale goes well.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

It is hard to believe that a family of 5 live here. Remember when I would take ALL you kids to go and look at model homes and then we would go home and try to make our home like one? Well you certainly can ge a get example fo that. Your home looks beautiful. It looked beautiful before you did all the extra stuff also.

Holly, Justin, Carter & Kelsie said...

It looks so pretty...I am inspired to go organize things. Why are you selling your house?

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