Friday, May 14, 2010

Table for Ten (and a stroller)

It’s hard to say what was my favorite part of the trip because all of it was my favorite. But I sure enjoyed the whole dining experience. Yes, I know I am sounding obsessed with food. However, it was more then that. It was the dressing up (as before shown), the delicious food, AND the wonderful company at our table.

Crusing with us was Sean’s parents, Mark and Chris; Sean’s sister’s family, Dustin, Stacey, Cooper and Madison; Sean’s Grandma Jones; and Sean’s Aunt Lori with her boyfriend Alan.  Dinner started at 6:00 and we never left our table before 8:00, so we enjoyed two hours of swapping stories, laughing, telling jokes (mostly Sean), leaning more about each other, and taking lots of random pictures (mostly me).

My nephew Cooper (3 years old) was such a good boy at dinner. Trucks were a must.  He always came with his clean shirt and combed hair.  He was camera shy but I still was the crazy aunt behind the camera and stole many shots.

2010 Pictures


Madison was the sweetest, precious-ist, baby girl.  I could not get enough of her!

cruise3 2010-05-08 


Surrounded by family made it all the better!

cruise3 2010-05-081

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

How wonderful for Chris and Mark to have so much family with them.

Stacy said...

Dinner was my favorite part of the evening too (when Madison was sleeping):) I loved all your dinner outfits, hot mama!

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