Friday, May 14, 2010

Cruising in Style

I planned my evening dinner apparel for weeks prior to the cruise. I also had myself a little shopping spree (I saved up for it).  As most you know, I LOVE to get “dolled up” and the cruise was a perfect opportunity. I didn’t have to rush to shower and get my hair dry, or apply my makeup with a one year old trying to eat my blush brush, and my three year old  asking me every five seconds if he could put on what I was putting on.  So I think probably one of my most favorite things about the cruise was getting ready for dinner each night.  We had a 6:00 reservation, so come 4:30 I was in my room showing and relaxing as I primped for that hour and a half. 

(Aside from the first night on the boat).  We were so busy exploring and soaking in our new “open seas” experience that Sean and I went to dinner really casual, I even still had my bathing suit on under my sundress.  Everyone was casual so it was okay—plus, we went in the jacuzzi after dinner so it was all good.

Cruise 036


The next night (which was our first whole day at sea) was the first formal night. 

Cruise 026

I loved these staircases.  Sean was my Jack a.k.a Leo :)


The next night, or Day 3, was casual night…so I wore shorts.

Dinner outfit #3

Some would say, I imagine but would ignore, that packing pink sling-back pumps that only go with one outfit is excessive. They were just too perfect so whatever. And FYI, my husband is not one of those people—he’s a smart man that admires a fancy feminine foot :)


Day four was “Color of the Carribean” Night.  So I went tropical.

But, really, I think Sean looked the best between us.



Day five was our second formal night, so I went with a sort of Grecian theme.   

Again, gold strappy stilletos that only match this dress—a definite must.

Sean went with the Nautical look. Very Nice.


Day six was a casual night. We had spent most the day on Labadee, Haiti (which is what we are sailing away from in the background of this photo.)

cruise2 035

It was rather windy that evening. (I’m wearing the headband my sister Melody made me, but you can’t tell)


Day seven--the last night was another casual night but I still went a little fancy with my satin grey blouse and the yellow fabric-flower in my hair (that my sister made for me).

Plus I matched the curtains which was kinda cool.

I was so glad that I wore my “skinnier” clothes earlier in the week, because by the last night my clothes were feeling quite snug. Two desserts a night will do that—but it was so worth it!

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Lap of Luxury said...

You look SO beautiful and fit and slim and tan in all your outfits. What a fashionista! Now I want to go lay out...

Serinster dot net said...

o so fun! i love how cute and fashionable and relaxed and happy you guys look!

Heather Lytle said...

You are definitely a sassy classy mommy.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Love all the outfits. Love that Sean like to dress up also. You both make a poster perfect couple for the cruise lines.

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