Saturday, March 13, 2010

When the Cat’s Away (or in the backyard working)

The mice will play…with Mommy’s camera.

Apparently Rylan entertained himself while he was “taking a break” from helping me in the garden. I discovered 116 pictures when I went to download the 4 pictures I took of my day’s work. Despite my frustration that he once again got into my camera when he’s not supposed to, it is at least interesting to see what Rylan chooses to photograph. Knowing this cutie pretty well, I can kinda guess what he is thinking when he takes the shot. So, let me indulge with some fun captions—I chose the best ones.

gardening 2010 013 I found Mommy’s camera while she is working in the garden outside.

gardening 2010 009 Is the coast clear? No sign of Mommy—let’s go explore.

gardening 2010 022 This is where Mommy left her camera on the table for me to use I’m sure.

gardening 2010 023 This is Mommy’s computer cord. I am not to touch it, and I don’t touch things I’m not supposed to. Look there is some of my popcorn from lunch.

gardening 2010 111 I will do Mommy a favor and clean up my mess with that cool looking brush. Maybe later.

gardening 2010 024 Oh, look my toes.

gardening 2010 026 Is the coast still clear? Yupp.

gardening 2010 031 Mommy uses this to water her plants. I wonder if I should go fill it up with water for her? Maybe when I’m not so busy.

gardening 2010 035 My fire shoes.

gardening 2010 037 Mommy’s pretty cushions. I am supposed to be careful not to spill anything on them.

gardening 2010 039 I spilled my Go-Gurt on this. There’s the top of it.

gardening 2010 041 It’s like a jungle. Cool.

gardening 2010 043 Should I lock Mommy out again? Probably not.

gardening 2010 045 Just a few more inches to go.

gardening 2010 046 That’s where my Superman necklace is!

gardening 2010 048 I’m not supposed to pick the green things, or let Brayden eat them.

gardening 2010 051 Mommy says this is a lemon tree, but I think she’s kidding because I never see any lemons on it.

gardening 2010 063 This took all Mommy’s attention away from me this week. Bad loud thing!

gardening 2010 066 I like me.

gardening 2010 067 I like me silly.

gardening 2010 068 I like me being silly and fierce.

gardening 2010 069 Tee-Hee.

gardening 2010 085 Look at my belley! Mommy wishes she had abs like this. Daddy likes to tickle this for “Tummy Time.”

gardening 2010 104 I wonder if I should try to get an orange all by myself? Hmmm?

gardening 2010 092 If I put this back in its case, Mommy will never know that I played with it.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Precious, precious, precious. I like all the captions you wrote.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I have to share this with you... Dad just walked into the room and said I have a "glowing" look on my face. I told him I was just looking at some pictures of Rylan.

Click here for my e-mail address said...

I love the "tee-hee" one :) So Rylan!

Serinster dot net said...

hahahah! that was so funny. i love rylan!

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