Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slightly Disturbing Art

…but very creative and detailed.


In the news last week was the tragic killing by a killer whale. Apparently the whale snatched a trainer by her hair from the pool’s edge and swam with her underwater like a chew toy. Well, Colton, who is fascinated by all things nature, and is naturally curious, was very interested in this story as Sean and I were talking about it with our Home Teachers. He knows all about Shamu at Sea World from a family vacation about two years ago. Plus, he and Daddy had just watched a documentary about Orca’s on the Discovery channel a few days before. Shortly after our Home Teachers left, Colton disappeared for a while into the family study and emerged later with this picture he illustrated of the tragic occurrence. Morbid, I know, but my favorite thing is the JumboTron, my second favorite thing is her hair.

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Click here for my e-mail address said...

It's kinda funny that he drew that!

Ruthanne said...

Wow he is very artistic, and so funny that he felt the need to illustrate such a tragedy, it must've really affected him!

lalalaleesa said...

Wow! Further evidence to the fact that our children are listening to, and processing, everything. Great artistry & details. Love your hair, BTW.

Stacy said...

Ok the jumbotron is too much. He is so accurate in his artistry. I am so glad he refrained from using the color red anywhere on his drawing.

Heather Lytle said...

I'm sorry, I know it's morbid but I laughed til tears came. What a funny little boy - and quite artistic too.

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