Monday, March 15, 2010

My Sisters

sisters2009 I was looking at my friend Ruthanne’s wedding album and saw a picture similar to this one with all her five sisters and it made me miss (more then usual) my four sisters. Seeing my friend’s group of sisters together brought a flood of thoughts, emotions, and feelings that only one with sisters could relate to. I imagine that anyone with many sisters understands all the silly laughs, girly conversations, loving honesty, and incomparable/unconditional friendship.

These are my beautiful sisters, and they are even more beautiful on the inside. From left to right is:

Serena. She is the youngest and the tallest and probably the smartest. She laughs the loudest and turns everything into a party. She is almost six feet of pure energy, charisma and magnetism. She is extremely focused, disciplined and motivated. Although we have twelve years between us, I can have the best conversations with her, and we can relate so well together. I’ve always called her my bookend.

Heather. She is the skinniest and the sweetest. She is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and has been since I was two. Everything she touches turns beautiful—someone as completely beautiful and talented as her can do that. She is a romantic and a realist in perfect balance. She is all things good, lovely, tender, and patient—especially having to put up with being the closest to me through the years.

Summer. She is the silliest and the kindest. She is creative, organized, and compassionate. She has a calm, relaxing aura that brings comfort to others. She is honest in her emotions and has a sensitive nature. Her loyalty, purity and faithfulness shines from within. She is sacrificing and enjoys serving her loved ones. Just like her name, she brings warmth.

Me. Amber. I’m the oldest. I adore my sisters. It is important to me to be uniquely close to each of them and share special connections. I can laugh the best with them and feel the most understood and comfortable when I am with my sisters. I draw from their strengths and examples to keep me striving to be a better person. I miss them every day.

Melody. She is the fanciest and the coolest and probably the busiest. She is a beautiful contradiction. She is mellow, yet always has to be doing something. She is peaceful, yet feisty. She is athletic, yet feminine. She is strong, yet sensitive. She is coordinated, yet clumsy. She has a bubbly, contagious laugh that lights up her whole face and an entire room. Just as there are lots of layers and depth to a melody, so it is with her. She is cultured, elegant, crafty and has the most lovely singing voice.

I could write on and on about each of my sisters’ wonderful qualities. I could point out a few flaws too, but I won’t because I’m being nice, big sis tonight. But seriously, I am so blessed to being in a family with these spiritual, righteous, talented, fun and gorgeous sisters. I have some pretty awesome brothers too! (I’ll save them for another post) They have been and always will be among my most favorite people in my life.

I love you all forever and a day.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Dad and I are both teary eyed after reading this. You described each sister beautifully. I'm printing this and putting it in my journal.

Click here for my e-mail address said...

Amber! Thanks!!! That is so special! You truly do know each of us as individuals. What a wonderful big sister!

Heather Lytle said...

Awe, that was so beautiful. Thank you. You do know each of us so well and we are lucky to have you as such a strong and wonderful example.

Serinster dot net said...

well...I am trying to fight back the tears from coming some more because im at work...because that was such an honest, sincere evaluation of each of us sisters. thank you for that. we are very lucky to have each other. wish we could all be together soon again!...and maybe not JUST for a wedding this time. because its just so nice to be together!

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