Sunday, March 7, 2010

My silly Riley

Often times I find Rylan watching cartoons like this….

March 003

at least he has a pillow there to make it slightly comfortable looking. Why he chooses the table over the couch, I know not. He is a silly, quirky kid who, despite his aggravating moments and no regard for consequences, still makes me smile so often. My friends always ask me, “How can you keep a straight face while disciplining him?”, because he has a grin that could sucker anyone.

As I write this, he is coming into my room saying that his pillow is hurting his head and that he needs to lay on Daddy’s pillow ON Daddy’s side of the bed because “It is smoother.” So, now I have a little nighttime buddy next to me sucking his thumb watching me type and a puppy and a panda tucked under the covers with him. This has become our nightly ritual. Rather then hearing about 10 different excuses why he can’t fall asleep (my leg hurts, my tummy hurts, the t.v is too loud, I hear something weird….") I just let him crash on Daddy’s pillow. He fights sleep until the very last minute but one second his trying to touch my glowing pink mouse, the next he is out for the night…still with his thumb in his mouth. Oh, Riley how you challenge me, but how I love you so :)

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Click here for my e-mail address said...

Riley is a rascal, but so darn cute. Miss him!

Stacy said...

He's so cute. That's funny that his pillow was "hurting" him. Ha ha.

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