Monday, March 8, 2010

Mister Independent

Pictures taken with my phone camera


Today we spent the afternoon at our favorite local amusement park with our cousins.  At this place we can ride carts, see cool things, get free samples, and buy yummy snacks.  It’s called COSTCO!!!  Rylan insisted on buying his usual, the Hot Dog Combo, all by himself. He said to me, “Mommy, I need cash.”  His cousin Aubrey also got some cash from her mommy and joined him in line.  Here they are discussing something…maybe what they are going to get?


And, here they are ordering.  Rylan got his hot dog and cup then went to fill it up with lemonade…all by himself.  And put the lid on….all by himself. And, get the straw…all by himself.  Then went down and sat at a table…all by himself.  Any time I got near he would so, “No Mommy. All by myself.” At least he let me sit at the table with him. 

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Magnificent 7 said...

I have to say they did look very big up there by themselves. They are quite independent 3 years old.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

The two of them are so cute together.

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