Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Melt My Heart Moment—Gardening for Mommy

March 013
My five-year-old says to me, “Mommy, I want to make your backyard beautiful.”  My three-year-old chimes in, “Me, too.”  This is what I found them doing 10 minutes later.
They picked weeds, pulled dead plants, shot a few hoops (the three-year-old), straightened the patio furniture, put the basketball away, and tried to brave the spiders and ants (mostly successful).  They worked as a team really well—little brother held the trash bag while big brother put the weeds in it.
I asked my five-year-old why he wanted to do this service for me. He frankly replied, “Because I want to be rich.”  I was hoping he meant rich with good feelings from kindness—he meant $25.  We compromised on twenty-five cents and a penny.
* * *                     
Working in the Garden with your children is a great way to teach about nature, bugs, hard work, and the satisfaction from the beauty of a plant growing.  I remember being on my hands and knees right next to mom as we gardened. Her favorite flowers were pansies and marigolds, at least those are the ones I remember.  Still as a Grandma, she has my boys out there in her garden planting herbs, flowers, and tomatoes. They love it. 
One of my favorite things about Spring is anticipating the gardening season.  And, what better way to celebrate that time of year then to buy some adorable gardening supplies for your children. I learned that when they have their own tools and gear, they are more eager and involved.
I found these online at http://www.target.com/, and there are more selections at the store, too.
(click on photo to go to store link)
 garden tote $15
gadening kit 19.99

and don’t forget these (keeps bugs out and can hose off)…
rain boot 16-99 
they match Mommy’s…
dot boot
(yes, I wear these gardening)
And once the garden is planted you can accessorize it with these…
garden stones $14.99
For more information on this topic: A fantastic “Gardening with Children” website I found. (click here)

                  Happy Gardening…let me know how it works out! 
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Lap of Luxury said...

Very cute. I remember I was never that excited to clean our backyard growing up.

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