Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meet Flower Friend

In perfect timing with my “welcome to gardening season with your kiddos” post, my three-year-old learned about plants, flowers, and nature at his preschool today!  At school, he planted a flower with soil in a cup and gave it water.  As soon as we got home he informed me that we now needed to put it in the sun—so I set it on our front porch flower pot.  About twenty minutes later he came to me and said, “I need to check on my flower friend to see if he has grown.”  He then spent the rest of the afternoon carrying around his “flower friend”. I insisted “they” play outside. 

For a moment he was perplexed what he and Flower Friend could do together.

Then he decided he would teach Flower Friend how to play basketball.
This confirms that flowers ARE NOT ONLY for girls! Well, at least the ones that involve dirt.
(p.s.  I made my grass green in photoshop…it just looks so much better that way!)
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Lap of Luxury said...

So cute! Funny to think plants can be friends.

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