Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look what I did while my kids were napping today…

Check out my new You Tube Channel “SassyClassyMommy”!!!  I’m so excited about this, more explanation later, and more to come later.  It’s past midnight and I need to get to bed. But, please subscribe, become a friend, whatever, I’m still figuring it all out.
Oh, but before you watch the videos I must post the following:

Observations and Disclaimers I noted as I edited this vid.
1. I was lazy and still have yesterday’s make-up on, Let’s not discuss my hair.
2. I’m a bit forgetful, scatterbrained…don’t say airheaded! And, I’m totally indecisive—I change my mind all the time and contradict myself.
3. I don’t know the proper name of “thingy’s”.
4. The California Valley Girl in me is totally in how I talk.
5. I’m a goof…and a klutz.
6. I can talk to myself and imaginary “viewers” way too easily—and I ramble.
7. I said “tomatoey” way too much—I’m obsessed, sorry.
8. I can be a priss.
9. No, I’m not pregnant—my shirt is just too tight. I usually wear a jacket over it.
10. I go on tangents.
--At least I amuse myself, if not anyone else.

Okay, now go check it out :)
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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I liked watching it. The Salsa looked easy to make. Ilook forward to the next one.

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