Monday, February 22, 2010

He Just Can’t Resist

I was reviewing the pictures in my photo gallery that I have uploaded from my camera recently, and I came across this.


Rylan CANNOT resist keeping his slimy fingers (literally…he still sucks his thumb) off my camera.  He is such a little sneak!  Here’s what I bet happened:

Rylan and Mr. Lego Man were enjoying their afternoon together.  Their tummy’s were full from the oh-so-healthy snack of Doritos, but discovered that some wayward chips got caught in-between their teeth, so they HAD to sneak into Daddy’s bathroom drawer (because they know it is a hands-off area) to acquire some “Vloss” to remedy the situation.  Upon a speedy escape from said bathroom and drawer, with stash in hand, what do they see that stops them in their tracks? Mommy’s Digital Camera (a ray of light streams from above as angels sing “ahhhhhhhhh”).  Mr. Lego Man and he pause for just one quick shot because it is just too tempting, plus the angels are singing. The flash goes off the deed is done, and who is left behind with the incriminating evidence?….Poor Mr. Lego Man.

The End.


As much as I truly dislike Rylan handling my camera, it is quite interesting to see the world from his point of view, and get the snapshot of that moments reality.  I thought it would be cool to break it down and tag the objects captured.  By the way, this picture was taken on our Snow Day.

Rylan's perspective

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