Monday, December 7, 2009

This year’s Christmas Tree (with video)

tree trimming 011
Colton was home sick from school today, so there was not much we could do, but trimming the tree was a perfect activity. This year Rylan was old enough to respectfully and cafefully adorn the tree with my glass blown ornaments and other sentimental items. He was very honored to be able to help, as was Colton. They took there job very seriously. I just sat on the floor handing them the ornaments and they did the work, when we were done, the bottom two thirds of the tree looked beautiful! When they were no longer paying attention and their legos and hot wheels beckoned them again, I went back and readjusted the ornament distribution. For a moment Colton noticed what I was doing and said, “Why are you moving the ornaments from where I put them?” I felt like the grinch when he faces Cindy-Lou-Who. I replied, “Oh, I’m moving them to a spot where we can see them even BETTER!” He bought it.
Each year I seem to do something different with my decorations and ornaments. Last year it was a Patriotic tree (Colton was really into blue and red). This year I focused mainly on my soft metallic ornaments, specifically cream and gold. We still put on the sentimental and sometimes cheezy ornaments that have been given to us, but they mean a lot to Sean and the boys. My favorite thing this year are the bows I tied on the tree. I love them. I bought the ribbon on discount after the holidays last year. It is a soft green ribbon with gold polka dots. Colton, always the critic, said that we were supposed to have a star at the top. I told him we didn’t have one and I like the bow, I think it is cute. He doesn’t understand the cuteness of bows. Sometimes I have to really push for the feminine touch here in my house full of boys.
tree trimming 005
tree trimming 010
Brayden checking out the tree. He was in awe.
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Looks beautiful Cindy-Lue-Who!!!

Stacy said...

Beautiful tree. I am just going to eat those boys up in a few weeks, they are so cute.

Bren said...

Your tree looks BEAUTIFUL! It is fun to see a glimpse of your house. I am looking forward to seeing it soon!

Miss you!

Serinster dot net said...

aw how fun! what a great family!

Lois Brown said...

It is a beautiful tree!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Your tree decorating looks so organized. It's a good thing Colton didn't try to put a light bulb in Rylan's mouth!

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