Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthday Boy

2009-11-21 Rylanbirthdayparty3

Today was the much anticipated Hot Wheels Party for Rylan’s third birthday.  It was a very emotional day for him—When he was happy, he was really really happy, when he was sad, he was really really sad.  Many smiles and tears, it was a lot for our new three year old to process, but overall he had a good day.  When he opened the door to each guest that arrived he just screamed right in their faces.  It kinda scared them, but I had to explain that he wasn’t angry, just way super excited.  Thank goodness I only invited a hand full of boys because I think Rylan (and mommy) would have been totally overwhelmed.  Each party member received a new hot wheels car as a party favor and toy to play with throughout the party. The highlight of the party was racing their cars down our driveway. 

Later on as he was getting ready for bed, his Grandma Chris called to wish him Happy Birthday.  She asked him, ‘What did you do for your birthday?’ and he replied, ‘I cried a lot’.  Silly boy.

Each time a family member called to wish him Happy Birthday, he would respond with ‘Happy Birthday’ back to them.  And whenever we sang the birthday song, he sang right along.

I’m looking forward to Rylan’s year of Three.  I’m hoping the terrible two’s (and boy were they!!) will quickly transition into mature, mild mannered, tame three’s…but then again, this is our rowdy red head.  He’s got fire in his blood, and we love him for it.

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Jamie said...

Yes, red heads are HARD! Lots of drama, anger and tears. I hope 3 is better...for Katelyn 3 was worse and she didn't start to come out of it til 4...and she still has her moments. Taylor is now in the terrible 2's and I am hoping it doesn't get worse!

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