Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing Hair Stylist

I’ve always wished that I could go to cosmetology school to be a hair stylist. I am proud of my decision to attend BYU and get a degree in Journalism, and the money spent was well worth the education and the career (although short) I enjoyed after graduation. But, I always joked that after I got my degree, I’d go to “beauty school” to get trained in something I could really earn money with. Cosmetology School never happened…But, I’ve been doing my own private, self taught be experimentation, on hair styling. I’ve used my sisters and mom as guinea pigs. Luckily my natural ability and love at doing hair has saved me and them from any scary hair results. So, thanks to observing the multiple times I’ve had my haired weaved, colored, cut, and the glorious world of “You Tube”, I’ve acquired some basic skills. As they say, practice makes perfect. So, if any of you want to spend less money and are willing for me to “play hair-stylist” on you, give me a call :) Just yesterday I weaved and cut my mom’s hair! It took like 5 hours (with a lunch break, some baby and toddler control, and styling), but in the end my mom was very pleased.

In this BEFORE picture her hair was pretty much all one length and her very dark roots were growing in.

And here is the AFTER. Blonde and layered. Very pretty and classy—if I do say so myself :)

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Nice job. The cut and color look great!

Nickell said...

I've always wanted to also! You should have the yw in your ward let you do their updos for prom too! Those are really fun! I told Aaron that someday I will do hair school at night. Someday. If for no other reason than to never have to take my kids to get their hair cut. It would end up saving a ton in the end.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

It has been difficult for me to find a stylist I like here in Texas. So when Amber asked if she could do my hair I had confidence in her because I knew she had talent in this area. Since July (Summer's wedding) she has done my hair and I have loved it. Today my teacher said I look really nice. Thanks Amber!

Sharla said...

I noticed Debbie's hair at church - it does look very nice! Way to go Amber! I've been cutting my boys hair since birth and Jeff's for about 4 years now. Saves tons of money and I'm getting better at it all the time. Boys are pretty easy though - just hair clippers. I've cut my own hair over the last year and it works ok. Jeff helps by trimming it even then I do the layers. I would say I'm cheap, but saving money is pretty important these days... I like to think of it as frugal :), and develping talents!

Bren said...

You did a fabulous job AMber! Nice work!!! Your mom's hair looks fabulous!

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