Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome Autumn

So my parents are now truly “Empty Nesters”, aside from the youngest coming home from BYU for Holidays and Summer Break.  It’s a new chapter in their life. No children to look after each day, no one to wait up for after a date, no one to prepare meals for.  Their babies are all grown up.  Well, this lasted for about two months and then fate decided it had other plans.  They couldn’t help but adopt an abandoned baby.  She is now about 6 weeks old.  They feed her formula and comfort her in the night when she cries.  They both are loving having a baby around the house again to take care of.  Her name is Autumn…..

They found her in the middle of the night, crying from a corner of their backyard.  My dad, a sucker for vulnerable, abandoned kittens immediately fell in love, my mom too.  She was frightened and starved.  The fed her a homemade formula with a baby medicine dropper every couple of hours in the night.  She has now warmed up to them and responds to my mom’s voice, and explores the house pretty confidently.  Last night when they went to bed and shut the door, she stood outside of it and cried till they let her in to cuddle.  She is just precious and one of the tiniest kittens I have ever scene. Of course she adored me immediately.  Brayden intrigued her. One look at Rylan and she hissed and went running the other way.  I guess it’s true animals have a sixth sense :)
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Awe, she's adorable!!!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

What a great picture! Yes it is true we are loving our new "baby"

Serinster dot net said...

thats such a cute picture!

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