Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let the games begin

Colton played his FIRST soccer game on Saturday. He was so excited and nervous. On the way to the game, he kept saying “Oh, my heart!” I guess it was pumping so fast with anticipation. His team’s name is Red Racers, which was Sean’s first soccer team’s name too! Colton jumped right in with his team mates and started warming up. I know SQUAT about soccer so I just enjoyed watching them swarm around the ball trying to kick it—pure entertainment. Colton hustled his little butt out there and ran as fast as he could and kicked as hard as he could. He wore himself out the first two quarters and the coach let him sit out the third quarter. He played goalie the fourth quarter, which apparently is a strategic move to put one of the best players in at that position towards the end of the game. He intently made sure the ball didn’t pass through his square when it came his way. Colton’s team has one girl on it and she was the only one who kicked a goal…twice. They won 2-0. In the family prayer we said before the game, Colton prayed “..and please bless us the we could maybe win. And if we don’t the other team won’t say ‘ha-ha you lose’…” For a first game it went well, but they definitely will improve. Sean will work with him and coach him along as he always does so perfectly. Rylan was so sad that he couldn’t go out on the field to play. He stood to the very edge of the field line and followed Sean everywhere watching the game. Pop came to support Colty and he took Rylan out on the field during half time to kick a few goals. It was so fun to be there as a family and watch a game with my son in it. I guess I am officially “A Soccer Mom” now and I love it :)
Some pre-game coaching. “You kick the ball THIS way!”
IMG_0055 Kick-off line up. Colton is number 10.
IMG_0063Get Ready….
IMG_0061 Look at the concentration.
Half-time break. Notice the flushed cheeks. Looks like he is reflecting on his first two quarter’s performance…or studying a weed.
He was really tired. For the morning it was quite warm.
IMG_0075He was excited to play goalie and sport the special yellow jersey.
IMG_0074 Our little Red Racer
Colton's game highlights
Rylan and Pop playing
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Up in Bubbles said...

He looks so darling in his uniform. What a cute boy. I like the the under eye makeup makes him look official and tough.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Colton looks so intimidating with his painted face ;)

By the way, how are you posting those huge pictures on your blog?

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

It makes me sad to see him "all grown up". But he sure is cute!

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