Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fearless Flu Fighter

Today Rylan received a flu shot at the doctors. He didn’t know he was getting a shot up until about five minutes before it happened. I prepared myself for the usual screaming, crying, thrashing that is displayed in Colton as he panics before, during, and after any shot he gets.  I asked an extra nurse to come in to hold Brayden while I held (more like restrained) Rylan on my lap while the other nurse issued to shot.  Here’s how it went: Rylan calmly climbed onto my lap, watched the nurse prepare the needle, at which point I look away (because I hate needles) and say to Rylan, “look at mommy”, but he continues to watch the needle, so I decide to watch too, and she injects it, I brace for the scream, cry whatever, but Rylan doesn’t even flinch! He just watches as she presses in the vaccine, pulls out the needle, and places a band aid on his arm. Nothing, not even an aftershock cry. He gets off my lap, sits on the other chair and is thrilled to get a “I’m a Junior Flu Fighter” badge sticker.  The nurses were amazed, saying they had never seen a kid so brave.  Me either!!  He is one tough kiddo :)
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

He IS so brave! Maybe you have a future doctor there?

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

That's our Rylan, tough and fearless. Except when something is pooky.

Bren said...

What a tough kid - that's awesome! He is looking so grown up; he a adorable!!! Can't wait for Macey to meet him; she loves the boys :)

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