Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunday, July 19th

On Sunday we were all back together (Sean flew into Cali on Saturday). We stayed the next couple of days at his Grandma Jones' house in Sherman Oaks, but on Sunday we drove into our old stomping ground, Santa Clarita Valley, to attend church with my sister Melody. Once we drove up to the building it dawned on me that it was the building where Sean and I first met! (The Singles Ward we were attending the time we met held FHE there and we met at a Game Night FHE.) So that was really cool to be back there with our three boys seven years later. Anyway...

After church we went back to Melody and Nathan's adorable appartment to hang out. The boys were thrilled to meet Aunt Melody's babies--Sarah and Delilah--they are puppies. Melody made a very interesting observation--Rylan and Colton bonded with the puppy that was most like their personality. Pretty much Rylan and Sarah ran around the apartment. Colton followed delilah around and kept sweetly asking 'Delilah, Do you want your belly rubbed?' at which she would roll onto her back and surrender.

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Awe, I love seeing my babies play with kids who find so much joy seeing special :)

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