Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, July 25th

On Saturday, we finished off our Cali Vacation with a day at the beach. My dad loves the beach so he made sure it happened. Sean was even able to meet up with one of his mission buddies and his family because they live close to Malibu. One of my longest friends, Amy and Rusty Mentes, came also. Sean braved the 8 foot waves and did some body surfing. It was seriously some of the biggest waves the coast had seen in years. He got tossed around in one of them and I worried when his head was one of the last to pop back up. Rusty, Brandon and even Serena were out there with him. Serena didn't stay out too long because the waves were so big and strong, and although she's a tough girl, she wasn't going to risk it.

It was Rylan's first time, that he would remember, at the beach so I enjoyed watching him. He didn't know to be afraid of the water, so when I let him lose to go stand with Daddy by the water, he just barreled right in and a wave took him down, lucky Daddy was right there for the rescue. But, that was pretty much it for Rylan and the water. He was satisfied staying on shore and building sand castles with Grandpa and playing football with Colton and Sean.

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Holly, Justin & Carter said...

Looks like you had a great time...we had fun seeing you guys. Carter asks about Rylan and Colton now and even thought Rylan would now be in his nursery class on Sunday. It was fun for Carter to have boys his age to play with while we visited =)

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