Friday, August 7, 2009

Monday, July 20th

On Monday of our California Vacation, Sean got right down to business and started enjoying his favorite classic fast food joints that he grew up eating. (He actually already hit one on Saturday--In 'N Out--on his way from the airport.) I'm not much of a fast food lover, but I joined the boys on their Cupid's Hot Dogs stop--they LOVE hot dogs and they chowed down. I sat in the car with Brayden and savored a Slim-Fast milkshake from the can (I still had 4 days till I had to fit into my bridesmaid dress.) Afterwards we drove all over "The Valley" looking for Los Angeles sports apparell, being as you CANNOT get any in Texas...obviously. Finally we made it up to Santa Clarita where they hit jackpot at a Dick's store and bought tons of Dodgers and Lakers stuff, unfortunately there was nothing for I went shopping with my sisters later and bought adorable shoes :)

The remainder of the day we hung out at my Grandma Kirkham's house, where the rest of the family was staying. My brother Aaron with his wife Nickell and son Kade came over, so the boys were able to meet him. Colton just adored him--he is really adorable. Colton would lift him up as best he could and carry him although he could walk just fine. It was so wonderful to see my mom so happy with almost all her children together (my sister Heather arrived on Wednesday). Summer's fiance Darrell was able to meet some of the family for the first time and he just settled right in with us. PLUS my boys are crazy about him, he's like their human jungle gym. He is great!

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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Awe I miss the nephews :( They are the CUTEST kids ever!

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