Monday, August 31, 2009


Colton's first homework assignment!

He came home from school so excited to have homework--and I was excited too. It made me feel more involved in his school "life" as I helped him complete it. He kept reminding me "Mommy, we need to do my homework." We had all weekend to work on it. Together we sat at the computer and Colton picked out all the pictures he wanted to use to represent each member on his family tree. I helped format them to the correct size and printed them out for him. He did the rest (he insisted on it). He cut them out and glued them. Oh, and he HAD to do his homework while sitting at the computer desk in our study--"like Daddy does when he studies." Then Colton chose to color his tree using water-color paint. He wanted the tree to look like one in the fall, hence all the different colors. Personally, I think he did a fantastic job. I'm sure he will get an A+ :)
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Stacy said...

He should get an A+ plus extra credit for creativity and cuteness. How fun!

Bren said...

That is so cute that he wanted to you to do homework together! The project looks great!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

He did an excellent job! You have entered a new phase in your family life. I'm glad I can be here to share it with you.

Serinster dot net said...

aw that sounds so fun!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

You sound like a very proud Mommy, as you should be. He did an excellent job!

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